Embassy of The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

Knowledge and Skills Transfer Programme

The Government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopian is looking for Ethiopian professionals from around the world who would like to participate in the Knowledge and Skill Transfer Program in the country.

This invitation is to all Ethiopians in the Diaspora to contribute their services where the consultancy and educational knowledge transfer are needed.

Participants in this program will receive compensation in living expenses, housing allowances and travel expenses etc.

The Embassy of the FDRE in London strongly believes the transfer of knowledge and skill will impact the development of Ethiopia.

In this regard, the participation and contribution of Ethiopians and Ethiopian born Citizens in this program will play crucial role in the development of the nation and we hope you will take advantage of this opportunity.

Invitation for Diaspora to Participate in the Knowledge and Technology Transfer Programme (Document)

For Further Information contact:

Demeke Atnafu
Minister Counsellor I - Diaspora Affairs
Tel: 0207 838 3873
email: demeke@ethioembassy.org.uk or info@ethioembasy.org.uk

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