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Response to the Report Entitled “Engineering Ethnic Conflict: The Toll of Ethiopia's Plantation Development on the Suri People”

November 14, 2014, LONDON - The Ethiopian Embassy in London has noted with dismay that a report containing wild allegations against Ethiopia, has once again been published by the Oakland Institute (OI). As usual, OI's report is characterized by outright lies, distortions and exaggerations.

Oakland Institute's previous reports have been repeatedly refuted by independent investigations undertaken by development partners and NGO'S operating in Ethiopia that have the full grasp of the reality on the ground.


Ethiopia celebrated in World Travel Market week

November 7, 2014, LONDON - Ethiopia participated in the World Travel Market (WTM) exhibition in London from 3rd – 6th November, 2014. A brief ribbon-cutting ceremony was held at the Ethiopian stand and was jointly officiated by H.E Mr. Berhanu Kebede, Ethiopia’s Ambassador to the UK, Mr. Solomon Tadesse, Director General of the Ethiopian Tourism Organization and Mr. Michael Yared, UK Area Manager of Ethiopian Airlines.


Join us in Celebration of Ethiopian Culture


October 29, 2014 - LONDON

Ethiopia will celebrate World Travel Market week with an event on the ancient Aksumite civilisation at the Royal Geographical Society (IBG) on Wednesday 5th November at 6.30pm (doors open at 6).

Professor David Phillipson, who was the first professor of African archaeology at Cambridge University, will give an illustrated talk on The Rise and Fall of the Aksumite Kingdom, revealing little known details concerning the role and significance of the main Aksum obelisks.

In addition to the talk, there will be an exhibition of contemporary photos of Ethiopia by Chris Roche, whose photographic book, The Priests and Pilgrims of Ethiopia, will be published in December. His exhibition will display Ethiopia’s spectacular landscapes and will include deep, ethereal images which capture the utter devotion of Ethiopian pilgrims.


Ethiopian Support for Ebola Response in West Africa

October 24, 2014, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - Despite all the efforts made to combat and control it,the Ebola Virus Disease outbreak continues to ravage the affected countries in West Africa and the transmission remains persistent and widespread especially in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. At this very moment there is unfortunately no end in sight to the end of this epidemic in spite of current efforts;and is expected to furiously worsen for the foreseeable future...In order to help fill the critical gaps in the responsein the highly affected countries, the Government of Ethiopia is ready to deploy a volunteer health professionals mission of 200 to West Africaalong with a financial support of ETB 10 million (USD 500,000). The professionalMission comprises of medical doctors, nurses, field epidemiologists,environmental health professionals and public health specialists.They will engage in case management/treatment, surveillance, contact tracing, social mobilization, and community engagement, and will also assist the local national health system to continue its essential and basic health, food and WASH services.


Annual Parliamentary Dinner a Great Success

October 16, 2014 - On 14th October, the annual All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Ethiopia dinner was hosted at the Embassy by H.E. Ambassador Berhanu Kebede and Chair of the Group, Mr Laurence Robertson MP, and was attended by MPs, peers of all parties, members of the business community from a range of sectors such as green energy, agro-processing, mining and consultancy services, representatives of the civil society and friends of Ethiopia.


Message from the Ambassador on National Flag Day


Statement by H.E. Mr. Hailemariam Dessalegn,
Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
at the 69th Session of the UN General Assembly

September 25, 2014 - NEW YORK

Mr. President, It is indeed a great pleasure seeing you in the Chair presiding over the 69th session of the General Assembly. I would like to express my warmest congratulations to you on your election to this high office. I know you are aware, as we are, you are assuming this responsibility at one of the most critical periods in the history of this organization, and that of multilateralism in general. Those of us in the Eastern Africa region know you very well as a friend and distinguished diplomat. We are confident that you will use your wisdom and experience to build consensus on a range of issues on the agenda of this historic session of the United Nations General Assembly and effectively guide its work.


Ethiopian New Year Message from the Ambassador


Millions commemorate the passing of visionary leader Meles

August 21, 2014


Millions of Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia congregated around the world yesterday to commemorate the untimely passing of Ethiopia’s late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, and to celebrate his remarkable life.

Commemorations began with a memorial service held at Gulele Botanic Centre, Addis Ababa where a memorial park is being laid out to honour the late Prime Minister and where tree seedlings were planted in commemoration of the second anniversary of his death.


Remembering the Late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi

August 20, 2014

Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, the visionary Ethiopian leader and Pan-Africanist, was laid to rest at the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Addis Ababa after he passed away on August 20, 2012 at the age of 57.

VIDEO: Tributes to an Unforgettable Leader


Ebola Outbreak: Ethiopian Airlines takes precautions; Ebola committee established

August 8, 2014


Ethiopian Airlines, which operates an extensive flight network connecting West African countries to other parts of the world, announced that it has put in place precautions to combat Ebola, which is currently spreading in West Africa.

Similarly, the Ethiopian Public Health Institute announced that it has set up a national committee to put in place a plan to prevent and contain any possible outbreak of the deadly virus. The Committee members will include officials from the Ministry of Health, health professionals, Ethiopian Airlines and other stakeholders, and will draw up guidelines to prevent and contain the disease, of which will be made official soon.


Ethiopia to end FGM and child marriage by 2025;
budget to achieve this target increased

July 22, LONDON, - This morning a delegation led by Deputy Prime Minister, H.E. Demeke Mekonnen and the Women's, Children and Youth Affairs Minister, Zenebu Tadesse, took part in the first ever Girl Summit, aimed at mobilising domestic and international efforts to end female genital mutilation (FGM) and child, early and forced marriage (CEFM) within a generation.


Response to The Guardian’s article on Ethiopia’s resettlement programme

July 9, 2014

Ethiopia’s resettlement programme is working!

The Guardian has published a highly misleading article on Ethiopia’s resettlement programme.('Britain is supporting a dictatorship in Ethiopia', online on 6th July 2014, and in the print edition on 7th July 2014)

The programme has lifted hundreds of thousands of Ethiopian farmers out of poverty. This was not made clear in the article.

Some of the facts were missing from the article.


Over 1 Million Birr Raised in Second Round Bond Sale


LONDON, 21st June 2014

Diaspora Ethiopians residing in the UK have raised £33,200 (1,095,600 Birr) in Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) bonds in the second bond-selling event organized at the Ethiopian Embassy in London.

The Tigray Women’s Association in the UK pledged £10,900.


Ginbot-20 (May 28) commemorated in London

June 5, 2014

Ethiopians, development partners and friends of Ethiopia converged at the Ethiopian Embassy in London in a colourful celebration of the 23rd anniversary of Ginbot-20 (May 28), which led to the emergence of a new democratic order.


Business roundtable at the Ethiopian Embassy in London

May 16, 2014

The Ethiopian Embassy in collaboration with Pace Group hosted a business roundtable on investment opportunities in Ethiopia. The event brought together UK companies working in Ethiopia and potential investors to discuss the enabling investment environment in Ethiopia, which has become one of the emerging investment destinations in Africa.


Ethiopian Diaspora Portal launched

In order to bring the knowledge, experience, skills and financial resources of Ethiopians in the Diaspora into the country’s national growth plans, the Government of Ethiopia has launched the Ethiopian Diaspora Web Portal.

The portal contains a range of information about the Diaspora Engagement Affairs Directorate General, Investment Procedures in Ethiopia, Investment Incentives in Ethiopia, Customs Duty, Ethiopian Tariffs and Taxes, Tax Regulations in Ethiopia, Customs Procedures in Ethiopia, Ethiopian Origin ID card (Yellow Card), Opening a Diaspora Account, the Grand Renaissance Dam Bond, Formal Remittance Services in Ethiopia, Tax ID Number and Finger Print Requirements and Addresses for Regional and Federal Offices.

Web: www.ethdiaspora.org.et


Invitation to Bid
for the Total Acquisition of Government-Owned Public Enterprises

Bid Notice No. 005/2014

Deadline: July 22, 2014


Leading surgeons on mission to Ethiopia

April 27, 2014

MA team of leading spinal surgeons from Nottingham University Hospital - Queen's Medical Centre went to Ethiopia this weekend to collaborate with local surgical teams and perform much needed spinal surgical procedures at three hospitals.


Ethiopian Diaspora in the UK mark 3rd GERD Anniversary

April 12, 2014

Members of the Ethiopian Diaspora residing in the UK marked the third anniversary of the launch of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), pledging to mobilize more resources to see through the mega project that would feed energy to one of the fast growing economies in the world.

Ethiopians from all walks of life have bought bonds worth billions of birr keeping the momentum of the construction of the dam, which eventually would generate 6,000MW of electricity paving the way for Ethiopia to be the power hub of Africa.


Diplomats, Staff at London Embassy Raise over 2 million Birr for GERD

April 4, 2014

Diplomats and staff at the Ethiopian Embassy in London today pledged their monthly salary to buy bonds amounting to £68,250 (around 2,120,000 Birr), in connection with the 3rd anniversary of the launching of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).


The Ethiopian Embassy in London in partnership with Ethiopian Community Organisations in the UK cordially invite you to an event commemorating the third anniversary of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam on April 12, 2014 from 3pm. Please click here for more information.


The Nile is a Symbol of Cooperation and Collaboration: Dr. Tedros Adhanom

The Nile River is one of Ethiopia’s main natural resources, and one of the most important. In the past we have been unable to use this considerable natural resource effectively. Now, following a decade of impressive growth, we are finally in a position to do so. The Nile, of course, links a total of 10 countries in the Nile Basin, and we recognise the vital role that shared interests and development can play in benefitting us all.


2 April, 2014 - Ethiopians around the world are today celebrating the third anniversary of the launch of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, which is under construction in Western Ethiopia near the Sudan border. Celebrations are taking place from Europe to the USA to Dubai.

Celebrations took place today on the site of the Dam in the presence of high government officials, and in towns and villages across Ethiopia with music, art exhibitions and film festivals.

The $4.7bn project is currently 33% completed and, once finished, will eventually produce 6,000MW of power for Ethiopia and its neighbours. The first phase of power production will actually commence next year (2015).

The Dam is mostly funded by Ethiopians at home and abroad. Neighbouring countries that stand to benefit from cheap electricity from the Dam are also investing.


Ethiopia’s Deputy PM at Global Partnership for Education Event
Ethiopia Joins the Global Champions Group for Education

27 March 2014, LONDON

Ethiopian Deputy Prime Minister, H.E. Demeke Mekonnen, says Ethiopia’s impressive performance in education is the result of building on sustained economic growth along with a strong commitment to alleviating poverty and substantial investment in the country's education system.

He was addressing an event hosted by the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Global Education for All entitled “Fund the Future: Tackling the crisis in financing education for all", here in London during his official visit to Great Britain.

The event was organized in collaboration with the Global Partnership for Education (GPE), a working partnership of governments, civil society, international organizations, teachers and the private sector.


Invitation to Bid for Total Acquisition of Government Owned Public Enterprises

Bid Notice No. 004/2014

The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia currently owns 100% equity of eleven businesses, which it intends to sell 100% ownership to an investor or a group of investors ready and capable of operating and developing them.

More information can be found on the following link.

Closing date for bids is April 22, 2014 at 3.00pm local time


Ethiopians mark Women’s Day

March 10, 2014, LONDON - Ethiopians residing in the UK marked the International Women’s Day on Saturday 8th March in London under the theme “Equality for Women is Progress for All”.

The event was organized by the Ethiopian National Consensus Forum in partnership with the Women’s Association of Tigray (UK), the Ethiopian Somali Women’s Association and members of the Ethiopian community.

Ethiopia has been taking steps to empower women, encouraging their active participation in the nation-building endeavour which envisages beating poverty and improving livelihoods of the people about half of which are women.




Friday, March 7, 2014 - LONDON

Ethiopia will host the 4th World Coffee Conference together with the 116th Session of the International Coffee Council in Addis Ababa in March 2016.

Ethiopia entered the bidding process, hoping to bring the Conference to the African continent for the first time.

Ethiopian Ambassador to the United Kingdom, H.E. Berhanu Kebede, said “the ICO has reached a very historic decision - the 4th World Coffee Conference is going to be held in Addis Ababa, in Ethiopia - where coffee originated - on the African continent.”


Invitation to Participate in the First Industry for Development Specialized International Trade Fair & Forum
24 - 28 May 2014, Addis Ababa

The Ethiopian Chamber of Sectoral Associations (ECSAS) is organizing the First Industry for Development Specialized International Trade Fair & Forum from 24 - 28 May at the Millennium Hall in Addis Ababa. The objectives of the fair among others is promoting Ethiopian products and services, strengthening linkages between various business actors and facilitating technology transfer and know-how to enhance competitiveness of local industries.

To register your participation, please fill in the registration form which can be found on the following link.

Further information can be found on the ECSAS website www.ethiocsa.com

Contact Information:

  • Email: industrialdev2014@gmail.com; ethiopiancsa@ethionet.et
  • Tel: +251 11 552 01 34/+251 11 850 50 25
  • Mob: +251 919 91 30 49/+251 919 91 30 48
  • Fax: +251 11 552 00 46
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    39th Anniversary of TPLF Marked in London

    February 24, 2014

    Members and of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) celebrated the 39th anniversary of the founding of the organization on Saturday 22nd February, with a great sense of accomplishment remembering the long and arduous journey that led to the birth of a new democratic Ethiopia.

    Fighting shoulder to shoulder with other democratic forces, TPLF paved the way for the establishment of a federal democratic Ethiopia on the basis of the constitution, which guarantees the equality and sovereignty of all of Ethiopia’s nations, nationalities and peoples.

    Video report can be found on the following link.


    Response to BBC Allegations of Security Lapses at Addis Ababa Airport

    February 18, 2014

    We wish to bring to your attention the response by H.E. Ambassador Berhanu Kebede, to the unwarranted remarks made by BBC correspondent, Mr Frank Gardner, following the 17th February incident, where an Ethiopian passenger plane was redirected from its scheduled destination by its own co-pilot.

    The letter can be found on the following link.


    Arise TV Interview with H.E. Ambassador Berhanu Kebede

    February 17, 2014

    Ethiopia's Ambassador to the U.K., H.E. Berhanu Kebede, on Arise Global Business Report with Michael Wilson, speaks of the major investment in renewable energy currently ongoing in Ethiopia.


    Dr Tedros at Illegal Wildlife Trade conference; meets Ethiopian Community Leaders

    February 14, 2014

    Ethiopia’s Foreign Minister, H.E. Dr Tedros Adhanom was in London this week to participate in the London Conference on the Illegal Wildlife Trade, hosted by the UK government on 13th February. The conference brought together global leaders from over forty nations who vowed to help eradicate illegal wildlife trade and better protect the world’s most iconic species from the threat of extinction. The conference heard first-hand from the Presidents of Botswana, Chad, Gabon and Tanzania.

    The aim of the conference was to agree high-level political commitment to tackling the illegal wildlife trade. The focus was on elephants, rhinos and tigers, and the Conference aimed to tackle three interlinked aspects of illegal wildlife trade: strengthening law enforcement and the criminal justice system; reducing demand for illegal wildlife products; and supporting the development of sustainable livelihoods for communities affected by illegal wildlife trade.



    Developing Markets Associates, with the support of the Ethiopian Embassy, UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office and UKTI, will be hosting a high-level business mission to Ethiopia, enabling UK companies to gain comprehensive access to key decision-makers at a business and government level. Mark Simmonds, UK Minister for Africa, will join the mission to outline the growing cooperation between the governments.

    Mission delegates will learn at first hand from government officials, led by HE Prime Minister Desalegn, and businesses about new and extended trade & investment opportunities across a range of commercial sectors in both countries. The UK companies present will themselves have the opportunity to raise their own profiles with government and the private sector at a time when Ethiopia is indicating a strong wish to engage more closely with UK.

    More information can be found on the following link or contact:

  • Frazer Lang, Mission Manager at Developing Markets Associates; frazer.lang@developingmarkets.com; Tel: 0203 117 2500

  • Angela Kolongo, Press Assistant at Embassy of Ethiopia; angela@ethioembassy.org.uk; Tel: 0207 838 3883
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    Position Announcement: Program Officer for the African Rift Valley

    The Program Officer for the African Rift Valley (ARV) is an existing position that will open up at The Christensen Fund on June 30 2014. For further information, please visit the The Christensen Fund website on the following link.


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