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Agriculture is the backbone of the Ethiopian economy. The sector contributes about 43% of the GDP and 86% of exports. The export of Ethiopia is dominated by coffee and oil seeds, which together accounted to 50.6% in 2008/09. Other principal export commodities are ‘chat’, flowers, pulses, and live animals.Ethiopia with 18 major agro-ecological zones and various agro-ecological sub-zones has a suitable climate for growing over 146 types of crops.

Ethiopia is first in Africa and tenth in the world for its livestock population. According to Central Statistics Agency (2008-2009), the country has 49 million heads of cattle, 17 million heads of sheep, 22 million heads of goats and 38 million chickens. Ethiopia’s potential for fishery development is in its freshwater lakes, reservoirs and rivers. The total fish catch potential from these waters is estimated at 40,000 tons per year. There is also an opportunity for investment in the construction of aquaculture to produce fresh water fish for local and international markets. This sector offers great investment opportunities. The potential for livestock and fisheries have not been fully exploited.

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